The 3B Initiative

All of our app versions are named after trees – because it’s in our DNA to be environmentally conscious. We frown upon plastic wrapping, plastic bags & single-use plastic of all kinds. We recycle as much of our office waste as possible. 

We are a young and ambitious company – your feedback means a lot to us – so much so that through The 3B Initiative, we are set to give back to the community by planting a tree for each review on the AppExchange. Reviews promote our growth and allow us to make an impact on our environment by helping businesses eliminate the need for paper-based processes.

This page will be updated with photos of the trees we plant!

If you have special requests, ideas for features or recommendations for improvement, please email us at [email protected]

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Gaby F – 5 Stars

Multiple use cases for multiple Salesforce implementations Thank you so much for the review, Gaby – it is always pleasure working with you and the

Colette B – 4 Stars

3B Forms Thank you so much for the review, Colette – we are lucky to have clients like you on our portfolio! The exact coordinates

Innovate, improve, empower. We believe engaged and happy customers make great partners, and see continuous feedback and collaboration as key levers in our shared drive for success. You need a small customisation to fit that nonconforming process step you have? We are more than happy to offer it free of charge. You have a recommendation for improvement/feature implementation? We are happy to listen, and will issue you with a special certificate to credit you for an idea that goes into the product.

As (we hope) you probably guessed yourself already – we want to be the single most flexible and customer-friendly forms solution on the market.