Our Vision

Innovate, improve, empower.

Our Founder James Ridge

Why we exist

The 3B Forms team sits behind another Salesforce application designed with the goal of and committed to streamlining workforce management – from recruitment, through employee payment, to client invoicing. Responding to our own needs as a business, in 2016 we realised there is a gap in the market for a good and focused forms solution; and although we tried a number of similar software applications, none covered all the key areas of interest, and equally – concern:

  • We needed a truly native solution – one that would keep the data on the Salesforce platform and would thus benefit from the high security standards, as imposed by Salesforce. Our clients choose and trust Salesforce for the agility and optimality of their frameworks and ecosystem, however, they also want to know exactly where their data is. This is why, building the solution on AWS (and simply adding a Salesforce connector, for example) – something we encountered way too often and with many of products we explored –  was unacceptable to us
  • The solution had to be easy to implement – with a team based in the UK, spending hundreds of man-hours in the configuration and deployment of a baseline product – as often offered in the market – would have proven prohibitively expensive and resource consuming. We believe the perfect solution should be ready to use Out of The Box  – implement with the click of a button!
  • The solution had to be easy to use – zero training (costs) and no user manuals, please! A good piece of software – or any product for that matter – is one that you can start using immediately, with no prior knowledge. Look at Facebook, LinkedIn, your new iOS or Android phone – did you need instructions in learning how to use any of them? This is why we strive to keep 3B Forms (all features and add-ons alike) lightweight on the browser – by concept and by design. With user experience at the heart of our design manifesto and using industry established UI frameworks, 3B Forms have been created to make the lives of both our customers and their end-users easy – they are fast, with as few and as little loading times as possible, and not least – they look good
  • Powerful. One word that says so much; this was our number one priority. We needed the ability to create forms that would implement and invoke complex logic behind the scenes – logic that would enable us to collect, structure and display data better than before, and with zero coding experience
  • Community Supported – we realized that no matter how smart and innovative (and good looking) our team here at 3B Forms is, we could never possibly foresee all the different ways our customers may want to use and employ the power of forms. This is why we are also providing a set of tools to allow our clients to add Plugins – market-recognised or custom – and expand on the feature set offered in the base application. We also believe in the power of listening to our customers – we see them as partners in our effort to keep a path of continuous improvement. We want to hear about their findings, let them exchange and vet ideas, and ultimately implement what they truly need. This is why we support an Idea Exchange section – an open forum where anyone can submit and vote on ideas!

Our USPs are your success

What are our Unique Selling Points?

In short – we are a powerful yet lightweight, robust yet scalable solution, native to the Salesforce platform, and driven by a partner community.

And the longer answer? Well, we would be telling you about all the wonderful technical wins and borderline miracles our team achieved in order to seamlessly offer features such as support for related objects, advanced data mapping, PDF conversion, and even conditional form and field behavior using our proprietary built-in rules engine.

Story time:  When James, our founder, first took on this journey, he knew exactly what pain points he had to address – at that point, working on another Salesforce application, his team was experiencing these very ‘pains’ first hand – and was lucky enough to find the right partners to make it happen. Almost one a year, countless long hours of hard work and hundreds of revisions later, the application is now a reality. 

As the app went into the Quality and Assurance and Stress Testing phase, James initiated something of a ‘friends and family round’ – approaching a few colleagues and other contacts in his professional network – with the hope to raise additional investment, and was much surprised and delighted to hear that 100% of the approached individuals agreed to invest in the application. Why are we telling you this? Well, we hope their profiles on paper alone will vouch for the potential of 3B Forms:

  • King Cheung – Sales Director, Sirenum. Another software industry long-timer, with over 20 years of experience in executive sales, King has worked on multi-million-dollar enterprise deals and understands the CRM & WFM software market very well. He was the next one to assess the potential and financial viability of the product, and was immediately captivated and thrilled to be offered the opportunity to become part of the company. King was quick to point out the amazing potential from a sales perspective and instantaneously understood our vision and long-term goal
  • Jason Burn – Chief Technical Officer. With over 25 years of vastly diverse experience in enterprise solution design, Jason was the first to review the architecture of the solution. It took him less than 20 minutes to click with our vision, believe in the product’s credibility, and decide he wants to become part of the company
  • Prof Christopher Birch – Professor of Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Greenwich, London. A serial investor with many years of experience in building start-ups (and one of James’s ex mentors on a different innovative business undertaking – from a lifetime ago, it seems), Prof Birch reviewed the business plan and long-term aspiration for 3B Forms, and his assessment was loud and clear 

 “This is going to have a huge impact for all Salesforce customers!” – Prof. Chrostopher Brich

So in short, Technical Gurus, Sales Gods and Serial Investors alike (or at least one of each so far; forgive our going on a limb here – we are just that excited about our product!) are extremely interested in becoming part of 3B Forms. Just like we, they, too, believe in the solution’s strong premise, understand it will deliver huge administrative savings for our clients, and are excited about the growing scope of use cases and business requirements we are yet to discover as we partner up with more and more of our customers – all of which will only make 3B Forms more powerful and versatile a solution​


It’s Monday morning and James steps into the office in tennis shorts and a bright Salesforce merchandise t-shirt that he won at Salesforce World Tour London. Unshaven, of course. We hope you would appreciate this mental image the way we do – this laid back approach means we can concentrate on what really matters (and what we are good at!) – making our product the best on the market. Sometimes our emails may seem a bit informal – and this is fine! We want to make sure that you know and feel like you are communicating to a person (albeit one with a very poor fashion sense). We do not follow scripts and aim to build real relationships with our customers. This means that any formal communication with ‘clients’ quickly develops into personal chats with our partners, where we all feel comfortable and able to discuss requirements and ask questions openly, so we can provide the needed support as efficiently as possible

We may sometimes say things like “We understand your problem and will now help you” rather than “We have reviewed your support ticket and are in the process of resolving your issue”. We also find it easier to just pick up the phone and call you, rather than sending an email and/or scheduling an online meeting for a quick question.

And when we do all get rapt in one of them unavoidable mile-long email thread conversations, you may find we sometimes like to use an emoji or two. It only helps us – and you, we hope – feel more human in our correspondence, and it allows us to convey emotion in a text-only environment (How else could we express how passionate we are about making our product work for you… or James’s new bravely patterned shirt? 😉 ).

We want to empower you

From its conception, the product has been designed and built to be scalable and to support custom plugins. Those will allow you and your team to expand on the base functionality and build awesome extensions that could integrate 3B Forms much further with your business, and in ways even we could have not foreseen. Whether it is a Payment Processor integration, a countdown timer, or maybe a records table that you want integrated into a form – we provide you with the tools and facilities to plug such extensions seamlessly in and make your customised version of the product better.

Final Words

Share your knowledge. Ask for advice. Connect through the forums. Reach out, if just to say hello.

We love being part of our clients’ ‘families’ and would gladly make you feel part of ours. We cannot iterate this enough – this is a community driven product – please share your ideas, requests and wishlists. If we know about it, we will try to make it happen!