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3B Forms are a Native Application on the Salesforce ( Platform, which is a SaaS Platform. As in most SaaS Platforms, you (the customer) benefit from regular upgrades which bring bug fixes and general enhancements. We, at 3B Forms have vowed to provide the best customer experience in terms of Product Support and Product Enhancements. You can read more about our vision here:

There are usually 3 types of packages generally available. Here is what makes them different:

GM (Gold Master)  Patch Beta
  • Is a new release
  • Comes with new features
  • May require post-installation set up
  • More prone to bugs as new features are introduced
  • May deprecate features (so check the API Reference and Changelogs!)
  • May change existing behavour
  • Aimed to provide bug fixes
  • Small improvements
  • Layout/View Changes
  • Will not deprecate features
  • Will not introduce new functionality
  • Will avoid deprecating API functions
Betas are similar to GM release, however they are “Live” only for a short period of time. If you are lucky enough to be on a Beta, then we would like to sincerely thank you for being patient with us! Betas may come with plenty of bugs in the expense of having the ability to have a sneak peak at what is up and coming.


Upgrading usually happens in one of 2 ways.

Manual Upgrade

This is where you (the customer) or we (3B Forms) will take immediate action to rectify a problem and will thus upgrade your package to the next stable version. This is usually done by clicking on an Install link (for available versions, refer to Install/Upgrade from a link article). If you would like to manually upgrade, please follow the instructions in the article.

Automatic Upgrade

Ah, the wonders of SaaS Platforms.. We can “push” upgrades to our customers from one central point, essentially upgrading all of our customers to the newest and greatest. We will, however avoid doing so, as we understand that before a “Mass Upgrade” campaign, we need to make sure that the software is 100% tested and vetted out of bugs. Automatic upgrades will usually happen overnight in the timezone you are based at.  This is done so we will not interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Automatic upgrades are usually issued for one of 2 reasons:

  1. A bug has been identified, potentially preventing the application of normal operation
  2. Stable Patched GM Release is issued which introduces general enhancements and feature upgrades

If you want to opt out of automatic Upgrades, please submit a case here: and we will be more than happy to respect your choice.