URLs and Mail Merge

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Once you have built a form, just head over to the URL Builder and click on the button “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the URL for the form. This By substituting the value part of the parameter, you can tell 3B Forms to pull information from a specific record. For more information, please refer to the article Pre-populate from Existing Record to learn more about how to use the facility.


  • The default URL will contain the Object’s ID field with a value [XXXX]. If you put a custom value here, it will look different than the screenshot above.
  • You can customze the URL Key to be different than the default key. It is a good practice to change it to something, your users wouldn’t suspect is the ID of a record in Salesforce

Mail Merge

You have built a form that asks customers for their feedback. You want to send out a Mass Email to all your active customers and record their responses in Salesforce for later analysis.

All you have to do is create an Email Template. Head over to Setup and search for “Classic Email Templates” in the Quick Find box. Click on the first option.

  • Create a new Email Template, by selecting all of your preferences for layout and type of email. In this demonstration we are creating a Text email template.
  • Write your email message
  • Paste the link to your form.

Whats left is for you to substitute the [XXXX] part with the Contact’s ID, which you can get from the Available Merge Fields  section. Your link should look something like this:


In order to make the email more professional, you can copy the link and put it as a chain link. To do this, just select a piece of text and press CTRL + K (CMD + K for mac) and paste the link in the URL Box.

That’s it! Now, when you do a Mass Email, each and every recipient will receive a custom link that will map their responses directly to their record in Salesforce!