URL Builder Usage

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What is the URL Builder?

The URL Builder is a tool that allows you to create a distribution link which will pre-populate the form at the time of opening the link. It is as simple as this.

How do I access it?

Go to any form that you have created and click on “Edit”. In the options bar, you will have an option called “URL Builder”. Just click on it.

How does it work?

When you click the URL Builder, a pop-up will open with some options.

You have 2 sections on the pop-up which you can manipulate.

  • The Main Object section – which allows you to map an ID which will be used to pre-populate the form with the details of the record
  • The Main Object Fields section – which allows you to set values to fields
    • You can click on “Add” button to add a row which you can use to specify the value for a field which is on the form
  • You can click on “Copy to clipboard” to copy the link generated by the URL Builder


Field URL Key URL Value
This is a selectable list of fields which are added to the form builder. The fields correspond to database fields. The URL Key is a way for you to hide the name of the database field. For example, if you have a custom field called My_Secret_Code__c and you want to pre-populate it with some value, but because of the name of the field, it is obvoius to someone completing the form that this field contains important information. So what you can do, is “mask” the name of the field by putting in a URL Key like “not_a_secret”. Usually the URL Key is the same as the Field The URL Value is essentially the value that will be used to pre-populate the form field with. You can hard code it by specifying a value, or you can leave it empty.

If left empty, the default value will be [XXXXX]. If you still want to put a value in that field at a later point, or you want to use mail-merge/formulas to populate the field, then you would have to replace the [XXXXX]. Read more about Mail Merge & Formulas in the other support documents.




  • As you edit the fields in the pop-up, the system will automatically save your progress. No need to click a Save button. 
  • Child Objects are not supported currently