Text Merge Description & Usage

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What is the Text Merge widget?

Text merge lets you create dynamic content to be displayed on forms presented to users. It works in two modes – pre-fill and static view.  Use Text Merge if you want to add graphics, videos, PDF documents, contracts, table of content etc which will be embedded in your final form.

How to create Text Merge

Just create a new form or click on “Add” button once you are in the builder. This will open the Text Merge pop-up which will look something like this:

It is required to give the Text Merge widget a Label (this is what will be displayed on the fields section, but will not be displayed on the form).

Text Merge Features

1. Auto-Completion of Fields to be merged

One of the most important feature of text merge is the ability to dynamically fill content in the inserted content. The widget has a list of all the fields from the core object pre-loaded and will allow you to select a field to be embedded into the text merge widget.

All you have to do is start typing – the tool will intelligently suggest fields from the database for prefill:

All you have to do is use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the field you want to embed and hit enter:

Once you have selected a field, it will be inserted in the following format: {!FIELDNAME} This is what we call Merge Formula.

2. Manual Selection of Fields to be merged

So manually search for a field, just click on the “Field” drop down and start typing or scroll through the list of available fields to be merged

Once you select the field, just copy the text generated in the “Field Value” textbox and paste it in the text editor.

3. Working in HTML Mode

To view the source (HTML DOM) and to manipulate it, all you have to do is click on the </>  button. This will switch the editor to code view.

4. Embedding Videos/Attachments

You can embed Youtube videos, PDF attachments and even whole pages within a form. Just click on the image/video icon at the navigation bar and select the appropriate embed feature. 


How to use Text Merge

Text merge works in 2 modes – pre-fill and static.

  1. Static Mode – if a form is distributed without it being linked to a record on the database, all the merge formulas will remain un-populated. Static mode is meant to be used for Forms which are embedded on a website and we do not expect to have merge formulas in place.
  2. Pre-fill mode – if you send a form which has a record’s ID for pre-population of fields (look at the article here for more details), the form will also merge the selected {!} merge formulas. For example, {!FirstName} will get replaced with the Contact’s actual first name (Tim).