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What is the Form Drafts?

If you enable the option to submit a form as Draft, you will give users the ability to submit the form partially and to come back later to complete the form. This is especially useful for long/complex forms.

How to enable Save as Draft

Just create a new form or click on “Edit Form” button once you are in the builder. This will take you to the Form Creator page. Expand the Advanced Settings section.

One of the options is “Show Save Draft” – enable it to allow your users to save their progress.

How does it work

The Save Draft button will be visible on all pages and will allow a user to click on it to save their progress.

Once a user clicks on Save Draft, the form will be closed and a new page will be displayed.

The user can then use the link to get back to their last saved progress or can just leave the page open.



  • Once a form is saved as draft, the form response associated with the form will no longer be updated. The Last Updated time will remain the same as the time the draft was saved.