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What is the URL Redirection on Submit?

This is a website/url that the user will be redirected upon form completion.

Use Cases

For example, you have embedded a form that you have built on your website and you want to return a user to your home page upon submission or on a custom Success page.

Another scenario is self-reference – for example, you want to create a form and issue it to your service representatives to log Product orders on the fly. Once a form is submitted, it would have to re-load to present a new blank form to your service representative.

How do I set it up?

Just create a new form or click on “Edit Form” button once you are in the builder. This will take you to the Form Creator page. There is a section called Confirmation Settings which you will need to click on to expand to view the options.

As you can see by the above example, you have a field called Confirmation URL  which allows you to put a link inside. This is all you need to do to tell 3B Forms to redirect the user to a new page.


  • If you have added a confirmation message AND a redirect URL, then the redirect URL will win and post-completion, the user will NOT be displayed the confirmation message, but will be redirected to the URL specified.