Product Customization Limitations

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Technical Limitations

Product customization on the front end is currently only limited to JS/CSS injection. We have envisioned in a future release to create a true Controller-View customization tool. Please keep an eye on the Changelog to be the first to be notified for this change!

Form Limitations

Currently, we will not support Form customization through JS. CSS Customization is the only option available to style forms. In a future release, we are planning on providing “Plugins Manager” which will allow you to create fully-fledged plugins that will deeply integrate with 3B Forms to allow you to create scalable and independent solutions.

Our vision for the future is a Marketplace where people like you can create Plugins for the final Form ranging from Payment Processors to WordPress Integrations etc.

Theming Limitations

Please be mindful of the impact that your customizations may have on the overall operation of the product. Poorly written code/unoptimized code may result in bad user experience.