Pre-populate Form from Existing Record

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Forms have the ability to pre-populate with the details from a record.

For example, you have created a form that creates new “Case” in Salesforce. You can use the same form to present to your customer/users the case details by just adding a Case’s record id into the URL. When a customer clicks on the ling, they will see the case that they submitted earlier.

To achieve this, go to the section Main Object  in the URL Builder and set the URL Value to the ID of the record you want to pre-populate the form with.


  • If an invalid ID is selected, the form will load in “Insert Mode” (i.e it will be empty and if completed, will create a new record)
  • Once the form loads with pre-loaded information in the relevant fields, you can change the data and re-submit it.

Pre-loading forms which include Child Objects are a little trickier. You will want to specify a scope of records to be loaded – this is explained in Child Records Knowledge Article.