Pre-populate Child Records

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Forms have the ability to pre-populate with the details from a record. Please refer to Pre-Populate Form From Existing Record article on details how to achieve this. In this article, however we will look at the the specifics of displaying Child Records for forms that have been built to use the Related Objects (please refer to this article on how to use Related Objects)

Lets take an example, where we have a form, based on the Contact object which allows the creation of multiple Cases.

At the time of the creation of the form, you have selected Case as a related object. You may have noticed that there is a field called “Limit SOQL” which allows you to specify a limiting query.

By default, we will have already one limit applied automatically – this will be pulling all the Cases where the Contact is the same as the one that we have specified in the URL through the builder. Sometimes however, this is not enough – if for example, this Contact submits cases every week, over the course of a couple of years, there will be 100s of cases for this Contact. So, through Limit SOQL field, you can reduce the scope.



Order By CreatedDate Desc Limit 5
This will limit the returned records to the last 5 cases created by the Contact
custom_field__c = Last_N_Days:7 Limit 100
This will limit the returned records all the records for which custom_field__c is in the last 7 days
recordType.Name = 'Open' Limit 100
This will limit the returned records only display cases for this contact which are still open
  • Try to always put an arbitrary “Limit”