Overview of Data Validation

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What is form data validation?

3B Forms allows you to add custom data validation requirements to fields displayed on forms generated. This is primarily done to keep the data inputted in your CRM clean and well formatted. There are generally a few types of data validation:

  • Field Masks – if you have ever completed a form online, you may stumbled across fields which require you to input data in a particular format – for example a Phone Number Field – you would start typing in the field, and the system will automatically format your inputs (for e.g you have inputted 01205559882 the field would auto-format into +1 (20) 555 9882.
  • Input Validation – similar to field masks, however the data doesn’t auto-format, but the user is prompted to enter the data in a specific format.
  • Field Requirement – this is the control over whether a field is required or not, whether it is readable or not and etc.
  • Dynamic Options Selection –  this is the ability to set options for picklist (drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes) dynamically based on other field selection input

3B Forms caters for all of the above scenarios and even adds a layer of dynamics – using the rule engine, you can create active rules, deciding what’s the field behaviour based on other inputs. For more info on the rule engine, read this article.