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What is form input validation?

When it is important for you that the data collected through forms is clean and valid, you would opt in for input validation. Control of input validation is done through the Form Field editor.

How do I add input validation?

Just jump over to edit any valid field (Text Fields, Date/Time Fields) from the Form Builder. In the field settings pop-up, right at the bottom, you will see a panel such as this one:

Here, you can see generally 3 sections:

  • Input Length – this is the control over the Maximum/Minimum length of text & characters that you want to allow your form users to enter.
    • This field dynamically changes if the field you are editing is of type Date, DateTime or Time. Then, you will be able to set Minimum & Maximum date that a user can enter. If you set Minimum date, then the user can select any date in the future. If you select Max date, then the user can select any date before the Max date. Finally, if you set Minimum and Maximum date, then the user will only be able to select date between that date range.


  • Validate As – this is a list of pre-set validation options that you can choose to apply to a field. This list will continue to grow as 3B Forms matures, but currently, you have a set of options to choose from
  • Custom RegEx – this is where you can enter your custom validation rules. This field supports standard JavaScript Regex and you can view some sample snipplets here:


  • You can use online RegEx validators such as