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What is the Auto-Save?

If you enable the option to auto-save a form, you will be automatically saving the progress of a form’s completion every 10 seconds. This works a bit like Gmail auto-save – if the user closes the form or the internet connection breaks, they can get back to completing the form from where they last left off. You can even automate this with a workflow.

How to enable Auto-Save

Just create a new form or click on “Edit Form” button once you are in the builder. This will take you to the Form Creator page. There is a section called Advanced Sections which you will need to click on to expand to view the options.

Under the option Auto Save, make sure that the checkbox is checked.

That’s it!

Proposed Customization

Often users may start completing a form and suddenly they may lose internet connection or may accidentally close the tab with the form in the browser. This is why, we propose that you create a Timed-Workflow which will be triggered 20 minutes after the last time we saw “Last Time Updated” on the form response object. Use email template which will take the Form Response’s id and assemble a URL link.

The email message will serve the function to remind the user that their progress isn’t lost and they will be pleasantly surprised to see that the form which will open from the link will have their last filled in data.