Creating Sections

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What are form Sections?

Sections are a grouping of fields. They really only have visual impact and help group different parts of a form accordingly.

How do I create Sections?

Lets take an example, where we want to group the Contact’s address fields under one section.

Once you have created the form just follow the instructions below.

  • Click on “Add” Button and select “Section” and a pop up will open
  • Give it a “Section Title” – this will be displayed on the form
  • You will be presented with two tables (Fields to Choose  &  Fields Chosen) and you will be presented with all the fields available to add to a section.
    • Remember, you can only add fields that are not already in a section
  • Click on the fields you want to add and then click on “Add Selected”
  • Save!

That’s It!



  • You can create nested sections – i.e where you have a section within the section
  • You can only have 2 levels of nesting
  • You can employ sections to move multiple fields from one page to another – described here
  • if you delete a section, the fields belonging to that section will NOT be deleted – this is different behaviour as compared to deleting Pages