Confirmation Message on Submit

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What is the Confirmation Message on Submit?

Well, it really is a bit of text/graphics that will be displayed when a user has completed the form successfully.

How do I set it up?

Just create a new form or click on “Edit Form” button once you are in the builder. This will take you to the Form Creator page. There is a section calledĀ Confirmation SettingsĀ which you will need to click on to expand to view the options.

As you can see by the above example, you have a Rich Text Editor which allows you to build interactive confirmation message. You can embed iFrames, Videos, build tables and even directly edit HTML.


Confirmation message displayed at the time of form submission


  • If you have added a confirmation message AND a redirect URL, then the redirect URL will win and post-completion, the user will NOT be displayed the confirmation message, but will be redirected to the URL specified.