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What are form Attachments?

The attachment widget allows you to request a file upload to the form. You can limit the size of the attachment and also make it a required before form submission. Attachments will be saved against the object an attachment widget is added to (Core object or any related object).

How do use the Attachment widget?

Once you have created the form just follow the instructions below.

  • Click on “Add” Button and select “Attachment” and a pop up will open
  • Give it a “Label” – this will be displayed on the form according to the Form’s default position
  • Save!


  • Embed multiple attachments
  • Make attachments required at the time of creation
  • Make attachments required/not required through the rule engine (look at this article)
  • Set attachments to related object


  • Attachment widgets added to a related object will save against the newly created related record. This means that if you have attachment widget added to a repeatable object, the user creating a new instance of that record will be able to save an attachment against the respective record. This works for both Lookups and Child Records.

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