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List of Package Versions

Notes Version Type Name Status Release Date
Here 1.0 BETA Aloha Deprecated 2018-07-29
Here 1.1 BETA Aloha Deprecated 2018-07-29
Here 1.2 BETA Aloha Deprecated 2018-07-29
Here 1.3 GM Beech Wood Deprecated 2018-08-10
Here 1.4 GM Almond Deprecated 2018-08-19
Here 1.5 GM Rosewood Deprecated 2018-08-22
Here 1.6 GM Cherry Deprecated 2018-08-26
Here 1.7 GM Mango Deprecated 2018-09-08
Here 1.8 PATCH Coconut Deprecated 2018-09-12
N/A 1.9 PATCH Coconut Deprecated 2018-10-01
Here 1.10 BETA Bodhi Deprecated 2018-10-08
Here 1.11 BETA Baobab Deprecated 2018-10-14
Here 1.12 BETA Baobab Deprecated 2018-10-15
N/A 1.13 BETA Baobab Deprecated 2018-10-16
N/A 1.14 BETA Baobab Deprecated 2018-10-16
Here 1.15 PATCH Baobab Deprecated 2018-10-16
Here 1.16 GM Apricot Deprecated 2018-11-07
Here 1.17 PATCH Fault Deprecated 2018-11-12
N/A 1.18 PATCH Deprecated 2018-11-17
Here 1.19 PATCH Bonzai Deprecated 2018-11-29
Here 1.20 PATCH Maple Deprecated 2018-12-6
Here 1.21 PATCH Palm Deprecated 2018-12-12
Here 1.22 PATCH Mandarin Deprecated 2018-12-16
Here 1.23 PATCH Ginko Deprecated 2019-1-24
Here 1.24 PATCH Duran Deprecated 2019-2-14
Here 1.25 PATCH Fir Deprecated 2019-2-21
N/A 1.26 PATCH Fir Deprecated 2019-3-1
Here 1.27 GM Lychee Deprecated 2019-3-8
Here 1.34 GM Stewartia Deprecated 2019-5-21
Here 1.35 PATCH Horse Chestnut Deprecated 2019-5-25
Here 1.41 GM Tree of Life Active 2019-7-23
Here 1.42 GM Tree of Life 2.0 Active 2020-01-01
Here 1.43 Beta General Sherman Deprecated 2020-01-27
Here 1.47 Beta General Sherman Active – Beta 2020-03-29
Here 1.48 Beta General Sherman Active – Beta 2020-04-08


Type: this refers to the release type. There are usually 3 types – GM (Gold Master); Patch  & Beta. If the cell is in green, the release is Active, otherwise it is Deprecated


If you are installing version 1.43+, you do NOT need to give explicit public access to all fields and objects that are part of 3B Forms – instead, you only need to give public access to all apex classes and visualforce pages.

Installation Instructions

To install the app, open the link of the desired version and log in to Salesforce.

  1. Go to Setup -> Sites and pick a site which will be used for form distribution (or create a new one).
  2. Go to Setup -> Chosen Site -> Public Access Settings  and:
    • Grant Apex Class access to all b3f Classes (required for attachments and PDF)
    • Grant Visualforce access to all b3f Visualforce Pages (required for basic operation)
    • Grant Read, Create, Delete, Update, View All, Modify All access to all objects for 3B Forms
    • Grant Edit and Read access to all fields for all objects for 3B Forms
  3. That’s it!

You can now navigate to the Forms tab and start creating forms. To preview a form (and make sure that non-salesforce users can too), go to the URL Builder and copy the url. Paste it in a new window – you should see the form you built! If you misconfigured Step 2, point 2 or 3 (granting object and field access) the tool will alert you.

Please remember to report any bugs or improvements to:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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