6. Creating Your First Form

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Start Building Forms

If you have followed the instructions correctly, you should now be able to build forms very quickly!


Classic UI Lightning UI
Step 1 – Navigate to “Forms” tab and click on “New Form” (on classic) or “New” (in lightning)
Step 2 – Select “Core Object” – this will be a Contact for example if you want to capture new customer details
Step 3 – Give the form a “Title”. This will be visible on the form
Step 4 – Select the site you gave permissions to under Posting Settings. This is where the form will be posted
Step 5 – Select which fields you want to add to the form. Just click on the fields and click on the button “Add Selected”. Required fields will be automatically added

Save the new form

When ready, hit “Save Form” button to the top right-hand corner and you will be redirected to the Form Editor where you can make adjustments, changes and add related objects.

For more information on how to build forms, please refer to the documentation in section Usage