5. Application Setup

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Great! So far we have configured the access & permissions needed to run the application. So what’s next? Well, we need to access the application itself!

If you are installing the application for the first time, then you would need to follow the instructions below. However if you are upgrading to a newer version, this article can be skipped.

Salesforce Classic UI

If you followed correctly the instructions in the article User Permissions, you should now have a new option available under your applications switcher. This is what it should look like:

As you can see, a new option is made available – “Forms” right at the end of the list of applications. If you “switch” the applications by clicking on “Forms” then you should now see a view where a new Tab will be made available, called “Forms”. Click on the “Forms” tab and you should see some pre-generated forms.

If you cannot see the Forms tab, please follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to “Setup”
  • In the Quick Find box, type “Tabs” and select the option under “Create
  • You should see that under “Custom Object Tabs” you will have 3 options pre-created
    • Forms
    • Form Styles
    • Form Fields

If you cannot see these options, then please click on “New” and create a tab for each one of the three objects.

If you do have the three tabs available, but still couldn’t find the “Forms” tab in the navigation bar, then please click on the   in the navigation bar, and search in the list of options for the “Forms” tab. Once you have found it, add it to your navigation bar by clicking on “Customise My Tabs” option.

Note: You must have the necessary permissions in order to customize your own or other users’ tabs.

This is it. You  can start building forms!

Salesforce Lightning UI

If you are running Salesforce Lightning UI, then you will need to search for “Forms” in your App Launcher. This is what it would look like:

Click on “Forms” and a new page will open that will look like this:

This is it. You  can start building forms!