4. Site Permissions

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3B Forms relies on a Salesforce Site in order for Forms to be made publically available. As part of the initial (and continual) setup, you will need to give appropriate access to Objects, Fields, Pages and Classes to each and every Salesforce Site on which you want to post forms. You can refer to User Permissions article to learn how to give permissions to a profile/user.

The set up is very similar as the User Permissions article, however this time we need to also give Object & Field-Level permissions access to all the objects which will be used to build forms for.

Navigate to the Site(s)

You will need to navigate to the site(s) for which you will want to post forms on.

  • Click on “Setup” at the top right hand corner
    Lightning Classic


  • In the “Quick Find” box type “Sites” and select the option under “Develop” (“Sites and Domains” for Lightning)
  • Select the site you want to provide access to Forms by clicking on the “Site Label”
  • Click on “Public Access Settings” button at the top of the record


  • Follow the instructions in the User Permissions article and give access to
    • Form Visualforce Pages
    • Form Apex Classes
    • All of the Form Objects
    • All of the fields for the Form Objects


  • Please provide full permissions to the Objects and all of their fields:
    Form Form Rule
    Form Field Form Style
    Form Page Form URL Param
    Form Response