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  • Rating Field was not rendered on final form. It only worked on preview. This has been rectified
  • On some orgs, when creating a new form, a message would be displayed “Max CPU Time Exceeded” – This was due to pre-loading all system Objects and their Fields. Now, the loading process has been split, so that we only get the fields for an Object, when it is actually selected
  • Password field did not behave as expected. Password was visible. Now passwords are hidden behind * (asterix)
  • When field’s label was hidden, it offset both horizontally and vertically the position of the field. This has been changed – now a field without a label is the same length as any other field

New Features

  • Lookup Fields (Autocomplete, Search as You Type) can now be converted to Choice Fields. Just make sure that when you add the options, Label = the name of the record, API Name = the ID of the record


  • We used to load system objects into the Form Creator. These objects are non-user manageable and as such have been removed from the list of selectable objects.

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Product Features

User Tracking

Understand how long users take to submit a form and where they are at.

Innovate, improve, empower. We believe engaged and happy customers make great partners, and see continuous feedback and collaboration as key levers in our shared drive for success. You need a small customisation to fit that nonconforming process step you have? We are more than happy to offer it free of charge. You have a recommendation for improvement/feature implementation? We are happy to listen, and will issue you with a special certificate to credit you for an idea that goes into the product.

As (we hope) you probably guessed yourself already – we want to be the single most flexible and customer-friendly forms solution on the market.