1.8 Coconut

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  • Rating Field was not rendered on final form. It only worked on preview. This has been rectified
  • On some orgs, when creating a new form, a message would be displayed “Max CPU Time Exceeded” – This was due to pre-loading all system Objects and their Fields. Now, the loading process has been split, so that we only get the fields for an Object, when it is actually selected
  • Password field did not behave as expected. Password was visible. Now passwords are hidden behind * (asterix)
  • When field’s label was hidden, it offset both horizontally and vertically the position of the field. This has been changed – now a field without a label is the same length as any other field

New Features

  • Lookup Fields (Autocomplete, Search as You Type) can now be converted to Choice Fields. Just make sure that when you add the options, Label = the name of the record, API Name = the ID of the record


  • We used to load system objects into the Form Creator. These objects are non-user manageable and as such have been removed from the list of selectable objects.