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  • Rating Field now supports *Required mark. rating field will have a red star to the left of the field marking it as required before submission
  • Rating Field editor now does not support Placeholder, has no Styles and default value for rating can only be one of the options in the drop down list
  • Search as You Type field – placeholder defined for the field was not rendered. Now, SAYT fields will have placeholder visible
  • Problem with Glyphs – when a glyph is enabled and field is edited post saving, the glyph selector would be hidden. Fixed
  • Fixed problem with adding options to a converted field into Drop Down. If a drop down did not have any options available, no new options could be added.
  • PDF Save functionality – previously there was issues with Page Conversion. Now, all pages are converted into PDF
  • Generated PDFs are now saved against the Core Object
  • Major bug affecting SAYT field – a user could leave an invalid selection on a SAYT field and save the form. The form would then fail to save with an error “Invalid ID: [QUERY STRING] for Field [REFERENCE FIELD]”. Now, if an invalid selection is made on a SAYT field, it will be highlighted as invalid
  • Notifications (Toasts) previously timed out all together. Currently, notifications have their own time out before disappearing
  • Rich Text fields had a problem with rendering on a live form. This has been fixed now
  • A problem with Field Transfer Tables: in Form Creator /Section Manager/ Related Object manager, if a user filtered down the list of fields and selected a field to be added to the Section/Object, and then filtered for a different field and selected it too, only the later field would get added to the Section/Object.

New Features

  • There is an On/Off toggle for PDF generation in the FormCreator page
  • There is an On/Off toggle for Form Loader in the FormCreator page
  • Forms are now Embeddable. We had to make some methods Global to allow the forms to be embedded in iFrames


  • Tool-Tip and Small Text (under field) fields on the Form Field object have been deprecated and replaced with fields with larger character capacity (10k). Replacement fields are: b3f__Help_Text_Long__c & b3f__Tooltip_Long__c
  • Search as You Type now has loading indicator when looking up records
  • Notice on field “Default Value” in Field Editor has been removed. Previously there was a notice stating that a user can prepend “&” sign and get field values from URL
  • Notifications (Toasts) are now fixed at the top of the screen. Previously notifications (Success/Fail) were displayed at the top of the page, so a user had to scroll up to view the notification
  • Now, Save as Draft & Save functionality has a loader on the button when clicked. This helps users know that the form is in the process of submission
  • Show loader when form is loading. Toggle in FormCreator page to enable/disable this functionality
  • Not Restricted Picklist Fields can now be converted to “Text” fields
  • Restricted and Not Restricted Picklist fields can be converted to “Rating”

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