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  • There was an issue with the Rich Text component field (duplication)
  • Fixed Signature field vulnerability

New Features

  • Ability to set valid from and valid through date on a form
    • Go to Submission Settings. Set Valid from/Valid Until.

  • Now you can mark Lookup objects, Child objects and Sections as hidden.
  • Now the rule engine supports hiding/showing Related Objects and Sections as actions*
  • Now you can update fields of a Master-Detail object – if the child object is in a master-detail relationship, forms did not allow you to update the object previously.
  • Added new Form Validation Rule – is not checked which applies to checkboxes.
  • Added new Drop Down select Form Validation Rule – if the field we are creating a rule is a picklist, them we will display the options in the Rule Engine.
  • Added complex dependent fields – if sub-dependencies are detected, these will be added and supported on a form.


  • Added a flag on field if it belongs to a related object


  • New field “Hide Title” has been added on the Form Field object. Please make sure to give access to this field on the Site you are using to post forms on.

Known Issues:

  • Rule engine does not support multiple checkboxes. The monkeys are working hard to get this resolved.
  • New Field on Form object has been added (If form valid)
  • New Fields on Form Field have been added (Is Child, Is Lookup)
  • *If a related object is hidden, we will not create it on the server. This means that if you hide a related object but you set default values, those will not be saved – applicable for new forms and pre-populated forms. If you need to create an object based on form submission, please use Salesforce’s other tools like Process Builder or Flows.