1.25 Fir

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  • Rule engine – poor handling of multi-select option boxes
  • Some small bug fixes with form behaviour in different browsers

New Features

  • New signature field added – “Type to Sign” which generates a signature from a typed name

  • New Lightning App now available
  • Added  a new standard validation option – “Validate as Email” available to text fields
  • Added the ability to set sections as hidden by default. Be careful when you add required fields to a hidden section!
  • Added the ability to hide the section’s title
  • Added new field “Field Class” to the field editor, which allows you to specify custom CSS classes to fields


  • Deleted the object “Expense Test”. Please avoid using it for future reference.
  • Increased the max length for storing picklist options to 131k from 32k to support Salesforce Picklist fields with long lists of options


  • New field “Hide Title” has been added on the Form Field object. Please make sure to give access to this field on the Site you are using to post forms on.

Known Issues:

  • Rule engine does not support multiple checkboxes. The monkeys are working hard to get this resolved.