1.23 Ginko

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  • Many fixes related to Mobile Browsers not supporting experimental functions
  • Better support for Safari browsers (desktop and mobile)
  • Crash on some Search as You Type fields due to bad connection with server
  • If database field is Text and it is converted to Drop Down, now we will merge the option in the options list
  • Rule engine had some problems handling checkboxes
  • Marking multiple fields as visible/required/hidden wouldn’t operate properly
  • Issues with pre-population of forms on some Safari browsers

New Features

  • If we encounter critical error, the submit buttons will be disabled (Save and Save as Draft)


  • New field added “Allow Empty Option” which allows Drop Down fields (both restricted and not-restricted) to have a default top-level option “– None –” which is treated as an empty option. If such field is marked as required and a ‘– none –‘ option is selected, we will mark the field as required to be completed.
  • The rule engine now supports checking for drop down fields which are empty (‘–None–‘ option is selected)


  • New field “Allow Empty Option” has been added on the Form Field object. Please make sure to give access to this field on the Site you are using to post forms on.