1.22 Mandarin

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  • Making multiple fields visible/hidden was not operating properly from the Form Editor
  • Pre-populating Drop Down fields (originally Text fields in the database) had some issues and wouldn’t always work.
  • Rule engine had problems handling checkboxes
  • SAYT field with defined limiting SOQL clause would fail the form on submission

New Features

  • New Custom Settings object has been added to give control to Admins over the app
  • Self-reporting is now by default enabled – if forms fail, the Site Owner and 3B Forms will be alerted with the details of the failure


  • API Required fields can no longer be deleted from a form
  • Forms should now load faster due to optimizations included in this version


  • Due to the re-working of the data collection mechanism, there may be some issues with Draft/Submission/Preview modes
  • Generating PDFs where we use logos will fail. We are working on this actively
  • After installation, any public sites must have their permissions modified to add the field App Version on the object Form Response