1.21 Palm Tree

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  • HTML Widget (Merge Text) was not clearing the value. This is now fixed.
  • Child records’ search as you type would not pre-populate with the Name of the record but with the ID.
  • Client errors generating form responses would not record the times of the error. This has been rectified
  • Radio buttons on child records would not operate properly
  • Pre-populating rich text fields did not work. This has been rectified
  • There was an issue getting the value of a checkbox on  child records

New Features

  • Now, when a file uploads, we see the status in percentage rather than static rotating loading bar


  • We have re-worked the way data is collected from the client
  • The rule engine now handles Child records much better
  • Child record fields now have unique ID


  • Due to the re-working of the data collection mechanism, there may be some issues with Draft/Submission/Preview modes
  • Any existing conditional rules will have to be updated –  we have had a change in the way the rule engine applies

Known Bugs:

  • Safari users on Desktop may experience problems with pre-populated forms with date fields
  • There is a problem using radio buttons on child records