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  • Upon adding a new signature, we had a malformed success message
  • Internal Fix (FMA)
  • In Child Records, pre-population of some field types did not work. This has been rectified
  • A problem where the rule engine making fields required was not actually applying
  • We were recording Safari as the browser for any iOS devices running Chrome. This is fixed now to display Chrome on iOS
  • Double tap was required on SAYT (Search as you Type) field on iOS devices. This is now rectified.

New Features

  • Now, we flag what’s the database’s default Field Name (and API Name) when you hover your mouse over a field in the builder or in the pop-up field editor
  • We now are starting to collect Debug logs from any errors on the client side. These will be recorded against the form that a user was attempting to complete. A user will see an error “Please contact an Administrator” followed by a code.
  • Safari (and other browsers) do not support Date/Datetime/Time selectors, as such we have implemented a custom selector for browsers that do not support any


  • Form Rules now apply when a form is opened. This is to help with pre-populating forms with rules set.


  • There are two new fields on Form Field object that need to be added to whitelisted permissions for a public site

Known Bugs:

  • Safari users on Desktop may experience problems with pre-populated forms with date fields
  • There is a problem using radio buttons on child records

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