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  • Problem with iOS – iOS devices would fail to submit a form if a Date & Time field was added on the form
  • Internal Rich Editor has been changed in 1.19 and it caused some issues. Those have been resolved
  • On some orgs, the Object Explorer would show duplicate entries for some salesforce objects. This was due to Object Histories
  • The rule engine would not apply within the context of the change. This meant that child records created by the user would not be checked by the Rule Engine. This is now fixed.
  • If we were generating a form as a PDF, we would get the upload loader after redirection to the finish pop-up. This has been fixed now.

New Features

  • Added CTRL + A action to select all fields
  • Added Group management
  • Added support for ESC key to close pop ups
  • Added CTRL + click to select multiple fields
  • NEW! Now we support ultra large texts – if an HTML widget is used, it can have up to 6 million characters. Previously this was limited to 131k characters. We still support HTML widget fields you may have created, but please open each one and just save it. This will convert it to the new standard. This is not a required step.


  • We changed our internal rich text editor. This move was made so we can provide richer and more stable experience when creating large HTML widgets or Finishing Messages.
  • We no longer support auto-complete in an HTML widget – this feature was deprecated due to the change in the editor


  • This is a patch.