1.16 – Apricot Tree

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  • Clicking on “Save” or “Save as Draft” would add a spinner but will not disable the button. Now, the button will be disabled until the operation on the server completes
  • If we were using an object with a self-reference (like account & parent account) we weren’t able to use both Child and Parent relationships, we could only create forms which used either or.
  • There was a bug where if the core object is Account and we added a Parent object Account (connected through the field Parent Account), then we would have Parent and Child swapped where the newly created Child would actually be the Parent
  • If a form failed to submit due to a validation rule or any other database error, a form response of type “Fail” will be generated. If a user corrects their errors and re-submits, we weren’t changing the type of form response to Complete. This is no rectified
  • If we changed the core object on a form, we weren’t updating the URL Parameters. Now, we update them. This was potentially resulting in bad URLs and impossible pre-population
  • Self-referencing objects will crash the Related Objects manager. This was due to bad identification of the type of available objects (lookup vs child). Additionally, Parent Accounts (Lookup Accounts) on a form based on the Account object would allow a user to create the related Lookup Object as repeatable.
  • HTML widget’s menu option’s would crash if used. Now, you can use Links, Images and custom options
  • The “Add” button was getting duplicated in “Preview Mode” right after a related object editor was opened
  • There was some odd behaviour when a user added fields to a form in terms of their added order. Now, we set default order in the same order as fields were added.
  • If a form was not PDF enabled, we were still generating PDF in the client. This was slowing down forms. This is now fixed
  • Rule Engine: Picklist options were not set correctly after opening a saved Rule.
  • Front end error with saving Multi-Picklist fields if no options were selected was fixed
  • Rule Engine: if a a picklist was user for comparison and it’s Label was custom chosen, the rule engine wouldn’t execute. Now, the rule engine supports different Label and Value for picklists
  • Rule Engine: Checkboxes can now be made required

New Features

  • Errors due to: Validation Rules, Data Duplication, Field Integrity will now be displayed against the field or at the top of the page. Any validation rule which shows an error against a field, if triggered on the form, will display the error message under the specified field in the validation rule. If a validation rule displays an error at the top of the page, the same behaviour will be seen in forms too.
  • An installation script is now added to aide migrating between versions
  • “Owner” field was immobilized. We no-longer support this field
  • Added support for Feature Management Application – this will help 3B Soft to monitor the usage of forms. Now, we record (non-identifying) information about
    • Number of forms created on the system
    • Number of Successful Submissions
    • Number of Failed Submissions
    • Number of Draft Submissions
  • Quick short-cut to the form’s settings has been added in the form editor.
  • Added option to add a custom label for the “Save Draft” button.
  • New option has been added in the Site Selection called “Internal” – this will allow forms to be posted for usage to internal users.
  • If a user moves between form pages, the form will automatically scroll to the top of the page
  • If a user moves between form pages, they will see a loader in the Next and Prev buttons to show that the tool is loading the next page
  • Picklists/Multi Picklists, Rating, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons now have a new management UI – users can re-order entries and manage existing ones in a new UI
  • If a field has bad value on the form, it will be highlighted in red in addition to the top of the page notification about the issue


  • Hard limit has been added to Lookup fields to only display up to 5 records
  • Added a new option “No Results Found” to lookup field
  • Increased the limit of “Max Length” field from a 3 digit number to a 10 digit number.  This is done as to support Long Rich Text Fields (131k or more chars)
  • Owner Field is no longer supported for security reasons.
  • Wording has been changed on some of the editors
  • Added loading animations on saving Form Editors (Field, URL, Settings, Related Objects)
  • From now on, you do not need to give permissions to every field and object you are using with Forms. This is done for security reasons, as exposing objects and fields on public sites may result in vulnerabilities. Now, you only need to give access to a public site to the Form App’s objects and fields
    • This behaviour can be disabled and “Strict” mode can be enabled from the Form’s settings menu
    • Forms made available for internal usage will always require a user to have correct permissions, regardless of the status of the “Strict Mode” toggle
  • Objects to which a user doesn’t have access will be “Disabled” – this applies to the internal form’s user
  • Full refacture of back-end code – New Tests, New Structure. This should make forms even more secure and efficient
  • Updated iconography
  • Database exceptions are now handled differently, but we will always save a response with the error encountered for debugging purposes
  • If a form is in Preview mode (i.e it is being edited in the Form Editor), then a user can skip field validation and browse through the form pages. Previously, a form had to be completed correctly.