1.11 Baobab Tree

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Baobab Tree Update


  • Attachments larger than 2mb would be saved but file may become corrupted
  • Arbitrary file size limit of 4.3mb has been lifted to 25mb for attachments
  • Toggle on Form Page – Title field would sometimes become stuck
  • SECURITY: HTML Widgets with merge fields were loading all fields from the database. This has now been re-worked and only fields which are merge-mapped will be pulled from the database
  • SECURITY: Fields merge-mapped from HTML Widgets will be checked for security before displayed
  • Signature fields in repeatable objects would not be clearable. Now the Clear button works as expected

New Features

  • Mass editing of fields directly from the form Editor – the ability to change the statuses Read Only, Required & Hidden at mass
  • HTML Widgets merge mapping now also supports URL-params. Just put your param in {!param} formula. E.g. {!contract_value} with url …&contract_value=20.00


  • Introducing custom toggles
  • Slightly changed UI for Repeatable related objects
  • Added attachment upload waiting service – a loading bar will be displayed for each attachment in the process of uploading
  • Page loader has been added to make pages more dynamic and indicate if page loading is currently happening

Installation Notes

  • Please make sure that you expose the FormsAttachmentWebService class on the site that you are using forms for.