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Bodhy Tree Update


  • FormCreator – when creating forms, the Title field was not required. This has been rectified now.
  • Decimal/Number/Percent field now supports Glyphicons. There was a bug previously where we couldn’t add Glyphs to number fields.
  • Fixed conditional layouts in form Field Manager
  • Search as You Type (SAYT)/ Autocomplete fields couldn’t be set as read-only. This is now fixed
  • SAYT styling customization wasn’t applied
  • SAYT issue: when searching for records which contained an unescaped character (like ‘ ), the result would be displayed in escaped mode and would be unreadable.
  • Some fields which were marked as hidden were not hiding properly
  • Field Label with position right was not applying for all fields
  • Field Label with position right was not applying for all fields with Glyphicons
  • Rich Text field type had some bugs which were fixed:
    • Placeholder was not applying
    • If made required, there was no indication that the rich text field was required. We now have an * sign before the field
    • No Rows support like in Text Area – now you can select how long the Rich Text field is.
    • Read only mode was not supported
  • Min/Max characters was not supported on Phone/Email/URL fields
  • Min/Max value was not supported for Number fields (Decimal, Percent, Number)
  • Rule Engine – on some smaller screens, a user couldn’t set the destination value for an action. This has been rectified
  • If a form was missing permissions to access fields for the core objects of the application, an error message which was mal-formed was displayed. Now the message is well formed.
  • Field type: Checkboxes was causing issues in save.
  • Database Text fields converted to Multi-Select or Checkboxes didn’t save the values selected. Now this is rectified
  • Form Rules were getting duplicated when saved.
  • When adding a related object, compulsary fields (API required) weren’t automatically added like in the Form Creator. This is now rectified.

New Features

  • HTML Widget now supports auto-complete. Just start typing and if the system identifies a field from the database, you can select to insert it.
  • HTML Widget’s merge mapping now supports {!Formula} which is embedded. This means that now we can merge-map fields even if there is no whitespace before/after the merge-mapping formulas
  • Form Response – now, when there is a successful form response recorded (with Complete status), you can access the record created, directly from the Form Editor -> Form Responses
  • Dynamic preview for field customization changes is now supported. Any changes on the field’s layout or customization options at the Form Field Manager will be immediately reflected.
  • Acceptable Attachment Formats – now you can define what attachments are to be accepted by the system. You can customize the list by adding a new MIME type in Form Field -> Acceptable Attachment Types field
  • Now you can select how many options need to be selected for field types: Checkboxes and Multi-Select
  • When new form saving fails, now we get a better understanding of why. The error message displayed is customized to the end user and the error message recorded in the Response contains more information, including which fields failed the transaction
  • Rule Engine: there is now the ability to Show/Hide entire sections. Note that fields which are required (or API required by salesforce) will also be hidden.
  • Rule Engine: support for checkbox state – you can now set “is checked” validation for a form checkbox.


  • HTML Widget’s editor is now slightly bigger to help with long text inputs
  • When creating a new field through the Add button on the Form Editor, you can now search the drop down for available fields. Previously, there was no search functionality.
  • Field Editor is now re-organised in tabs. This allows us to better sort field customization options
  • Field Editor – type of field selectors are now using custom UI
  • Placeholder field in the Field Editor is now disabled for all the following fields
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    • Time


Note that there are other smaller fixes and stability improvements which may not be described in this article.

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