Form Rules

Form Rules are just conditions which trigger actions. You do not need to be a programmer or systems administrator to understand how they work.

by the logic of IF THIS THEN THAT, you can create triggers like:

  • If a field is empty/populated
  • If a field value is equal/greater than/less than etc than other field
  • If a field value is equal/greater than/less than etc than static value
  • If a field value is equal/greater than/less than etc than URL param
  • If there is/isnt a signature or attachment
  • If User is viewing a form for longer than x Minutes
  • others

Which can in turn trigger the following actions:

  • Populate field with static value
  • Populate field with URL value
  • Populate field with other field’s value
  • Hide/Show  Field, Section, Page, Related Object
  • Make field Required/Not required
  • Make field editable/read only
  • Display a message

With the above logic, you can create simple as well as complex rules to add a layer of dynamism to your forms.

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