What is 3B Forms?

We were born in 2016 out of the need to securely collect data from our customers and dynamically generate data input flows.

3B Forms for Salesforce was designed as a simple, yet powerful data authoring tool to help clients using Salesforce to reach out to their non-Salesforce customers and provide mobile-first data collection forms that work natively and securely within Salesforce.

Some of the features in v 1.x:

  • Child and Parent Related Objects
    Supports repeatable child related objects as well as parent related objects within a single form. Start by selecting your Core Object and build the form from there.
  • Attachments & Files
    Allow form completers to add attachment(s) to forms that will save against the created records.
  • e-Signatures
    Get a form electronically signed, dated and timestamped. Create beautiful looking electronic contracts.
  • Conditional Rule Engine
    Create If-This-Then-That rules that control element visibility, required and disabled state, data validation and automatic value copy.
  • Native Salesforce Support
    Supports dependent picklists, validation rules and all standard and custom objects and field types. Call a Flow after submission? No problem.
  • Publish Externally
    Get non-Salesforce web users to interact with your forms.
  • Merge Text Support
    Use {!Object.Field} syntax that you are already familiar with in order to create text that is merged with data from Salesforce.

As part of our strive to provide the best, we are currently working on a fully re-designed version 2.0 of the app due for release in Q2/Q3 2022. Contact us if you want to join our Alpha customers.

Why Us?

Quick comparison between 3B Forms version 1.x and others:

Interested in Learning More?

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    Support rendering repeatable blocks with multiple nested child related objects
  • Get Support or Report Issues
    Send us an email or raise a case and one of our support representatives will be in touch with you very soon
  • Recommend App Improvements
    We want to hear from you and improve our products. Feel free to reach out to us using the support channels

Download the application by searching "3B Forms" in the AppExchange

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Innovate, improve, empower. We believe engaged and happy customers make great partners, and see continuous feedback and collaboration as key levers in our shared drive for success.

You need a small customisation to fit that nonconforming process step you have? We are more than happy to offer it free of charge. You have a recommendation for improvement/feature implementation? We are happy to listen, and will issue you with a special certificate to credit you for an idea that goes into the product.

As (we hope) you probably guessed yourself already – we want to be the single most flexible and customer-friendly forms solution on the market.