connecting salesforce to the outside world

responsive design

No matter on what device, your forms look good and responsive out of the box. You can always customize the look and feel to match your brand

salesforce Native

The app is built fully native, and benefits from stringent security protocols. Your data never leaves Salesforce

open api

An architecture allowing you to create plugins to extend features or integrate with other systems. Deep customization capabilities


The app is designed to be used by regular users. Good UX means no need to educate your users.

Why do we exist?

We were born in 2016 out of the need to securely collect data from our customers and dynamically generate data input flows.

When we went ahead with the design and development of the app, we wanted to make sure that we have all the best features from our competitors rounded up in a beautiful and intuitive design.

And of course, we realise that there are an unlimited number of ways our clients will use the app, so we created Open API to aide our customers to deeply integrate forms into their existing solutions.

3B Forms for Salesforce is helping you connect the outside world to your Salesforce world. 3B Forms is the only free solution available for the Salesforce Platform for form building, electronic contracts and field surveys. Building forms for Salesforce can be a challenge – data security is important as is system reliability. However, to the end user, a form has to be simple and intuitive. We think that we will change the world of form building, but we need your help. Please work with us to better the product by participating in the Idea Exchange and please report bugs either through the contact form or directly to


Agencies & Consulting

We empower consultants to submit reports and evaluations through a simple, yet validated input. Did we mention that we can provide quotes?

Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment agencies love us. The app can be used for the job application process, accreditation and document collection, submission and approval of timesheets.

Marketing & Sales

Surveys, leads, referrals, push messages.. to name a few areas in which we help the marketing and sales departments

Healthcare & Compliance

Healthcare is big on documentation. This is why we have been chosen by many healthcare specialists to help them with the amount of paperwork


Imagine being able to produce invoices on the fly, record and create return labels, collect product interest and manage support tickets? We are here to help.


Clients use us in the education sector to create questionnaires, simple and complex tests in order to evaluate student performance.

Human Resources

We are certified under the Electronic Communication Act (ECA "2000") rendering contracts signed through 3B forms as legally binding.

Website Integrations

Forms can be styled from the ground up to look and integrate with your own website. In addition to this, we have WordPress plugin which makes form posting seamless.


Innovate, improve, empower. We believe engaged and happy customers make great partners, and see continuous feedback and collaboration as key levers in our shared drive for success. You need a small customisation to fit that nonconforming process step you have? We are more than happy to offer it free of charge. You have a recommendation for improvement/feature implementation? We are happy to listen, and will issue you with a special certificate to credit you for an idea that goes into the product.

As (we hope) you probably guessed yourself already – we want to be the single most flexible and customer-friendly forms solution on the market.